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VIP Guides

Before your arrival, you'll speak with a Tour Coordinator to discuss your expectations and how to best navigate your time with us.



We offer planning and concierge services to customize your vacation and alleviate the stress of the guest experience at theme parks.


Efficient Experiences

Our service helps you avoid crowds and uncertainties at theme parks. Our VIP hosts are trained to minimize wait times and keep you and your family engaged during your vacation.


VIP Experience

Our VIP service creates stress-free vacations by taking care of all aspects and meeting your needs and expectations. We aim to be your go-to for future travel.

Exclusive Access with our VIP Guide

Get access to exclusive events, luxurious hotels, and top-rated restaurants with our VIP Guide

Whether you're a first time guest, or a “Disney/Universal Expert,” you'll experience numerous reasons why having a VIP Guide benefits you. Having a VIP guide navigate the parks and relieve you of the stress, headache, and burden so commonly experienced will in turn create fun, memory filled days with your family - instead of wondering where to go and what to do. Each VIP Guide is unique in their own approach to the parks, but rest assured, they're in there with one objective in mind; meet your expectations!

While in the parks, your VIP Guides monitor the existing Genie System and Lightning Lane bookings to keep you moving. Each park provides different obstacles that guests typically wouldn't recognize. This unfortunately will have drastic implications their day in the parks. Throughout the day, there are ride closures, Wi-Fi disruptions, and a slew of other unpredictable events that can change the course of your day. VIP Guides know what these instances are, they know how to correct them in real time. This will ultimately keep you on track to have an efficient, successful day with your family.

Each family is different. From grandparents to small children, each dynamic calls for a different approach and assertion in the parks. VIP Guides are fantastic at juggling guests who have different interests, guests with limited abilities to participate, or any other variation that may cause a hiccup in a traditional guest experience. One of the main goals of a VIP guide is to keep everyone involved, and included throughout the day so that after a traditional 6-7 hour day, you leave the park having completed everything on YOUR wishlist, and maybe a few surprises you hadn't considered.

Ultimately, a VIP Guide at any theme park can bring your vacation to conclusion without so many common instances. You're spending time with your family, instead of watching your phone or reading a map. You're present and engaged with your kids, instead of being removed by navigating a park that is constantly changing and full of challenges. You're having fun and creating memories, instead of consuming yourself with the stresses of heavy crowds and long lines. You're having an actual vacation!