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Don't Believe the Hype: Mickey Mouse Is Here to Stay as Disney Mascot

Published Feb 19, 2023

mickey mouse mascot

As one of the most beloved and recognizable animated characters in history, Mickey Mouse has been the heart and soul of the Walt Disney Company for nearly a century. So it's understandable why fans were left reeling after a recent "breaking news" report from Mouse Trap News claimed that Mickey would soon be replaced as the official Disney mascot by the EPCOT character Figment due to copyright expiration.

The False Rumor of Mickey Mouse's Replacement by Figment

While the TikTok video of Mickey Mouse being replaced as a mascot and accompanying article generating over 7.3 million views, it's important to note that Mouse Trap News is a satire site known for creating fictional Disney-related stories that are both humorous and absurd. The site's social media accounts clearly state its content is "100% FAKE." Furthermore, no reputable news sources have reported on this supposed switch of mascots, with the only coverage being from sites debunking the rumor as a "TikTok hoax."

Debunking the Claims: Disney's Ownership of Mickey Mouse

It's true that the copyright for early versions of Mickey Mouse, including the iconic "Steamboat Willie" cartoon, will expire on January 1, 2024. However, Disney has made it clear that this will not impact their use of the character as a mascot, stating in a recent statement to Observer, "people have associated the character with Disney's stories, experiences, and authentic products...That will not change when the copyright in the Steamboat Willie film expires."

mickey mouse disney

The Unlikelihood of Mickey Mouse Being Replaced

Mickey Mouse remains a vital and cherished figure in the Disney universe and will continue to hold the position of official mascot for the company. While it's understandable for fans to feel protective of the beloved character, it's essential to discern fake news and rumors that may circulate online.

Mickey Mouse Fans Can Rest Easy

So, fear not for those who may have been worried about losing their favorite mouse – Mickey Mouse is here to stay as our mascot for Disney.