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Is Splash Mountain Open? Saying Good Bye to Splash Mountain And Making Way For Tiana’s Bayou Adventure

Splash Mountain permanently shut down and no longer open due to the controversy surrounding racism to make way for a new adventure.

Published Feb 04, 2022

Is Splash Mountain Open

Is Splash Mountain open? Fans say goodbye to one of the most iconic drops in Orlando’s Disney World. Closure for the Disneyland ride is official as of January 23, 2023. Disney didn’t say anything concerning the rides closure last weekend, but it is still trending on social media.

Based on the 1946 film “Songs of the South,” Splash Mountain portrays slave-master relationships and idealizes plantation life. Splash Mountain petitioned for closure due to over 21,000 people stating Splash Mountain is steeped in racism. Riders enjoyed their final ride after waiting over 2 hours.

Many riders are mourning the loss of the nostalgic ride. Some fans have turned to resell the used water on Ebay and are upselling all Splash Mountain memorabilia.

However, this is not Disney’s first rodeo founded at a time when racism was still mainstream. As we progress more as a society, the rides remain the same. Disney has been battling against the media for outdated content based on archaic ideology. It was a natural decision for the franchise to retheme the ride into something that better portrays their inclusivity and diversity.

Splash mountain closing

Tiana's Bayou Adventure Opening

Tiana’s Bayou adventure will still showcase the iconic drop, and the animatronics will become our favorite singing critters from the movie. Riders will enter the repurposed mountain as the “Salt Dome,” which houses “Tiana’s Foods.” The ride takes place after the film’s conclusion, where Tian fulfills her dream of opening her restaurant.

The original 1992 Splash Mountain closes as Disney continues to reimagine the future. The franchise rethemed an iconic ride to represent our world more accurately. The first black Disney princess finally takes the spotlight in her upcoming 2024 grand opening. Splash mountain is no longer open.

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