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The Ultimate Disney Lightsaber Experience

Published Apr 30, 2023


An overview of Disney Lightsabers

A brief history of Star Wars in Disney Parks

In 2012, The Walt Disney Company acquired Lucasfilm, Ltd., the rights to the iconic Star Wars universe. Over the years, Disney parks worldwide have celebrated Star Wars with attractions and experiences, including Star Tours, Jedi Training Academy, and character encounters. This continued growth of the Star Wars legacy within Disney parks culminated in the opening of the immersive land Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge in 2019.

The growing Star Wars fandom and its impact on Disney's experiences

The Star Wars fandom has exploded in recent years, becoming a multigenerational phenomenon spanning over four decades. This growing fandom has resulted in Disney creating immersive experiences that entertain fans. It allows them to interact and connect with the Star Wars universe in entirely new ways, with the Disney lightsaber experience being one of the most memorable.

Introducing the Disney lightsaber experience

The Disney lightsaber experience is a must-do for every Star Wars fan. At Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers, guests can build their custom lightsabers while participating in an unforgettable ceremony. This blog will explore this ultimate lightsaber experience and provide tips for getting the most out of your visit to Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.

Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

Overview of the park

Galaxy's Edge is an extraordinary 14-acre themed land within Disney's Hollywood Studios in Florida and Disneyland in California. Designed to transport visitors to the Star Wars universe, the park's centerpiece is the Black Spire Outpost on Batuu, a remote planet on the galaxy's Outer Rim.

Exploring Black Spire Outpost on Batuu

Upon arrival, guests are immersed in a bustling, immersive marketplace filled with alien creatures, droids, and interstellar travelers. Here, Star Wars fans can enjoy a variety of experiences, from dining on local cuisine to shopping for unique souvenirs.

Attractions for Star Wars fans

Galaxy's Edge offers two main attractions:

  1. Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run - Board the famed Millennium Falcon and embark on a daring smuggling mission, controlling the ship's various systems in this interactive adventure.
  2. Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance - Join the Resistance to escape the clutches of the First Order in this thrilling, immersive attraction that puts you in the middle of a gripping Star Wars story.

Savi's Workshop - Handbuilt Lightsabers

Introduction to Savi's Workshop

Located in the heart of Galaxy's Edge, Savi's Workshop offers Star Wars fans the chance to construct their custom lightsabers in a guided experience led by a group of "Gatherers" who possess deep knowledge of lightsaber lore.


Choosing your path and unique lightsaber components

At Savi's Workshop, you start by selecting one of four distinct lightsaber themes:

  1. Peace and Justice - Salvaged from fallen Jedi temples, these parts represent the ideals of balance and stability.
  2. Power and Control - Embracing the dark side, these parts reflect the passion and desire for dominance of the Sith.
  3. Elemental Nature - Harnessing the natural world's power, these parts symbolize the connection between the Force and natural elements.
  4. Protection and Defense - Mysterious and ancient, these parts honor the wisdom of the Force-light and dark.

Building your lightsaber - a guided experience

Under the guidance of the Gatherers, participants assemble their lightsaber hilts, choosing from various unique components to create their personal Jedi or Sith weapons.

The incredible reveal: igniting your lightsaber for the first time

Once completed, each participant ignites their custom lightsaber, bathing the workshop in a brilliant display of color and light, creating a truly magical moment for every Star Wars fan.

The Gathering - A Secret Ceremony

The memorable moment with the Gatherers and Master Yoda's wisdom

During the lightsaber-building process, the Gatherers share ancient stories from the Star Wars universe and invoke the wisdom of Master Yoda. This results in an emotional role-playing experience that connects participants to the Star Wars story.

A role-playing experience connects you to the Star Wars story

The Gathering ceremony at Savi's Workshop deepens your connection to the Star Wars narrative. It reminds you that, as a lightsaber-wielder, you are now part of a more significant galaxy-spanning legacy.

Customizing Your Lightsaber

Custom kyber crystals for personalized lightsaber effects

You can purchase additional kyber crystals to change your lightsaber's blade color and associated sound effects for further customization.

Choosing the perfect blade length

Disney offers two lightsaber blade lengths: 26 inches and 36 inches. You can choose the one that fits your preferences and enhances your Star Wars experience.

Additional add-ons and accessories

  1. Holocrons - Store and access the knowledge of the Jedi and Sith with these ancient devices that interact with your lightsaber's kyber crystal.
  2. Lightsaber clips and stands - Display your lightsaber proudly with available themed clips and stands.

Star Wars Jedi Training


Put your lightsaber to the test

After completing your custom lightsaber, it's time to implement your new weapon. Enroll in the Star Wars Jedi Training experience, where young Padawans can learn the art of lightsaber combat.

Train like a true Jedi Knight

Guided by skilled instructors, participants practice lightsaber techniques and take part in a trial against the dark side, demonstrating their newfound Jedi skills.

Tips for Visiting Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and Savi's Workshop

Advance reservations for Savi's Workshop

To guarantee a spot at Savi's Workshop, make a reservation online through Disneyland or Disney's Hollywood Studios websites.

Price and age requirements for the lightsaber-building experience

The lightsaber-building experience costs approximately $249 plus tax, and participants must be at least five years old. However, an adult may accompany younger guests if they wish to watch the experience.

Park etiquette and guidelines for lightsaber use

While Disney encourages guests to have fun with their lightsabers, they also have rules and guidelines to maintain a safe and enjoyable experience for all visitors. Please follow the park's guidance on lightsaber play, and refrain from misusing them.

Recap of the Disney lightsaber experience

The Disney lightsaber experience at Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge is an unforgettable adventure that transports fans into the Star Wars universe. From building a custom lightsaber at Savi's Workshop to participating in Jedi Training, it's the ultimate way for Star Wars enthusiasts to create lasting memories.

Encouraging fans to create lasting memories in the Star Wars universe

Every Star Wars fan owes it to themselves to experience this magical, immersive world where they can explore the themes, symbols, and stories that have defined the beloved saga for generations.

The magic of Disney's immersive Star Wars adventures

Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge and the lightsaber experience combine to create a remarkable, immersive experience that brings the magic and wonder of the Star Wars galaxy into the hearts and minds of fans everywhere.